Remnant 2: Best way to farm scrap, upgrade materials, and Lumenite Crystals (2024)

Remnant 2: Best way to farm scrap, upgrade materials, and Lumenite Crystals (1)

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Remnant 2 is Gunfire games take of the Souls genre. Where once sword and magic dominated in a fantasy realm, Remnant 2's version features guns, lasers and Star Gate portal worlds. Fight through expansive, procedurally driven worlds in solo, and in coop.

Follow our guides on how best to tackle these dungeons, enemies and various bosses. We'll help you get the most out of your experience. It should be easy since we already went through all the pain and suffering for you!

Remnant 2 materials list: What are these things for?

  • Scrap: Currency for purchasing items, upgrades, mods, etc.
  • Lumenite Crystals: These generally drop from elite enemies in the game. They're a requirement for upgrading, crafting, and more. They're an essential resource that the player will always need more of. So, where's the best place to get these?
  • Iron: The types of iron ingame are:Iron,Forged Iron,Galvanized Iron, andHardened Iron. These are the basic materials needed to upgrade weapons from their base levels.

Remnant 2 Best Farming Gear (Optional)

  • Vacuum Seal Ring: Increases automatic pickup range for scrap by100%. Picking up scrap, iron, or ammo grants ashieldfor10%of max health forl0s.Does not stack. This is found as a random world drop in N’Erud.
  • Scavengers Bauble: Increases scrap pickups by 50%. Automatically picks up any nearby crafting materials. Another random world drop, this one is found in Yaesha.

Early Game

Lumenite Crystals

Early game, it's easy to obtain via the Labyrinth. Go to theFractured Ingresscheckpoint. From there, when facing the portal, turn left and head up the staircase. At the top, some smaller enemies will spawn alongside an elite on the far side of the area. Take out the smaller foes first, then follow up with the elite. Feel free to spend your weapon mods.

Pick up the scrap, upgrade materials, and an easyLumenite Crystal. Then you can do one of two things here. Either run down to the checkpoint and use it or swallow yourLiquidEscape. No matter which you end up doing, you'll cause the enemies to respawn in the area. Giving you another chance at aLumenite Crystal.

Remnant 2: Best way to farm scrap, upgrade materials, and Lumenite Crystals (3)

Hotkeying your Liquid Escape is slightly faster, as this kills you and respawns you at the checkpoint down the staircase. Thus skipping the time that it takes to run down there.


Killing enemies and harvesting scrap is the best option through your first few worlds. If you want to save up early, you can beat whatever world you roll first, then reroll it in adventure mode a few times. If you come across an item you've already acquired, you'll make an excellent 250 to 750 scrap from it. Picking up the same things repeatedly can cause some serious scrap to pile up quickly. Meaning repeated boss encounters can give an average of 1,000 scrap per fight.

Another method is by selling items.Lumenite Crystalssell for 150 a pop, whileBlood Moon Essencesells for 125. I was able to go out inYaesha to trigger aBlood Moonevent in theFaithlessThicket, where I racked up around 6 or 7 essences for everyRoot FairyI killed. If you're wondering what they look like, check the photo below.

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Shoot the orbs from the sky and they'll be drawn to you giving you one Blood Moon Essence per orb.

Remnant 2: Best way to farm scrap, upgrade materials, and Lumenite Crystals (4)


Taking on enemies and completing worlds will gradually give players the necessary upgrade materials. Thoroughly exploring areas will also grant players a decent amount of materials. If you're running a few short, they can be purchased from vendors inWard 13.

Late Game

Lumenite Crystals

The best farming method for these is to head to theCorrupted HarboronRoot Earth. Starting from the checkpoint, head forward towards the boss area and kill the elites along the way. You should end up with anywhere from 7 to 9Lumenite Crystalsevery run.

Using a high-crit weapon is best, as the elites here are extremely slow and sluggish. Making their eye weak spots incredibly easy to take advantage of. You can also use theMercilessweapon if you have it to applyBleed. This allows players to swap between these guys when there's two or three available to kill in a single area.

Remnant 2: Best way to farm scrap, upgrade materials, and Lumenite Crystals (5)


Again,Root Earthis the best area for this. Most enemies drop scrap, making it extremely easy to get. I like to run through this area with theAlpha/Omegayou get from the last bossor basicLMGupgraded. You can also sell theLumenite Crystalsfrom the elites, giving you an extra 800 scrap every run.


Root Earthis the end all. I really can't recommend this area enough to players. Elites drop materials, and so do basic enemies from time to time.

Remnant 2: Best way to farm scrap, upgrade materials, and Lumenite Crystals (6)

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